i got mad blogger skillz

hello faithful blog reader!

as you've have already figured out, i've finally gotten around to giving the blog a long overdue facelift. it took a while, but because my innate asian nerdiness (as depicted in the extremely racist picture to the left), i was able to figure out the basics of CSS. let me take you on a guided tour of some of the new features and a review of some of the old ones that you may have not been aware of. i'm doing this to help maximize your surfing time, and for posterity, so when i do this again, i can remember what exactly i did.

1) first you'll notice that the color scheme matches that of america's team, the one and only dallas cowboys. silver and blue, it's a nice winning combo dontcha think?

2) you'll also notice that i've figured out the holy grail of blog design and went with the three column layout. this blog was aped from some person who goes by the web handle of isnaini, who lives in indonesia, so don't bothering clicking on this person's link, unless of course, you speak indonesian, which if this is the case, Pergi mengambilnya! the name of the layout is called "lonely" and i found it here. i've made several modifications of course to make it look like it does now.

3) i've changed the search engine from freefind to google. free find worked fine, but i think that you'll find the google interface a little more elegant and user friendly. also, it may not be working fully right now, as it will probably take a couple of days for google to fully index my blog.

4) i've also added a link to my official website, bobngo.com, in my profile. just click on my name if you want to see it. however, i must warn you now, it thiroughly sucks and is terribly out of date. i doubt that i'll ever really get around to getting that to what it should be.

5) my browser of choice is firefox, and consequently, this blog is best viewed using firefox. if you aren't using firefox instead of ie or mozilla by now, why don't you just go ahead and start now. while you're at it, go ahead and get rid of your sony walkman and shell out the 20 bucks for a generic MP3 player as well.

6) if you're into newsreaders or aggregators, you can subscribe to my feed by clicking on the RSS button ().

7) one of the handy dandy features of firefox is that you can bookmark this blog as a live bookmark. look up in the address bar and you'll see this little icon: . just click on it and save the blog as a bookmark. now instead of checking every 15 minutes to see if i've updated the blog (which i know many of you do), you can just click on your bookmarks and any new posts will be listed when you hover the cursor over the bookmark. again, i'm keeping you in mind blog reader as this will cut down on your loadtimes, and more importantly, since i'm storing several elements of the blog on my webspace, it will reduce the amount of bandwidth that i use to maintain the blog. everyone wins with live bookmarks!

8) seriously, start using firefox. it's not even close as to what the best browser out there is.

9) i've reorgazined the blogroll and the list of links, which you will see in the right hand column. i've gotten rid of the links that i don't read anymore and i've organized blogs by subject. the most notable addition is the link-o-rama set of blogs. if you're looking to kill time, these are the places to go. but please note that several of these blogs are targeted to college males. as a result, many of them contain ads that are directed to this demographic and are Not Safe For Work (NSFW). some of the links in the lists are also for porn. in other words, nudity galore. i don't condone nor condemn these things, but know that they are there. don't click on them if you are at work or if you don't want to see that kind of thing.

10) this is a work in progress, as there are a few quirks that i have yet to figure out. i.e. i've also seem to have lost the blogger nav bar at the top of the page. i dunno, i kinda like it, so hopefully that'll be up soon again as well. if anything doesn't work, please be patient, and feel free to send me any feedback about things that aren't working correctly, ways i can improve the layout, if the font is readable, etc.

anyways, there you go. it's almost like a brand new blog, huh? anyways, i hope you appreciate the amount of effort i put into this redesign. cuz none of you ungrateful bastards sure as hell would ever take some of your precious time out of your life to spend five seconds leaving me a comment (except for you ian, H8R, fred, and erik).

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