the last posting on performance enhancing drugs...

i can't stand this subject anymore. it's the equivalent of the branjelina baby or tomkat, where there's really nothing left to be said, except that everyone in major athletics is somehow linked to performance enhancing drugs. anyways, i'm gonna do one last commentary on jose canseco. as some of you may know, he's back in baseball playing for a independent minor league team. the san diego surf dawgs. anyways, in addition to returning as a pitcher/outfielder, he's also dropped a couple of more interesting nuggets (the brown kind of course) of wisdom on the world of baseball. they're listed as a sidebar on the espn story, but i'll go through them with you with some ragin' commentary. anyways, nugget #1
Canseco accused baseball of cutting Rafael Palmeiro a deal to testify against him in March 2005, saying MLB then went ahead and leaked Palmeiro's positive test out of fear that Congress would find out anyway. "I know what I know" is all Canseco would say.
very interesting conspiracy theory. but in light of raffy's finger waving debaucle, one that isn't completely implausible. we like to scoff at these crazy conspiracy theories a lot, but just cuz they're crazy, doesn't mean they might not be true. lone gunman? i don't think so. canseco was right about palmeiro before, why should we not believe him now. nugget #2
Canseco said he will meet in the coming weeks with former Sen. George Mitchell, the former Senate majority leader appointed in March by Selig to head the sport's investigation into steroids.
this is actually good news. who better to help out than someone who was basically at the cutting edge of the steroid culture in baseball. this is the equivalent of getting john gotti to turn states' evidence. let me put it this way, there are some baseball players out there who are extremely fearful of getting caught right now. nugget #3
He said that Alex Rodriguez told him about six years ago that Canseco was being "blackballed" by baseball.
while it may seem that a-rod is doing the right thing here, he's actually being his usual sorry self. what's the difference between what canseco is doing and what a-rod is doing...well, i'm not sure but i can tell you that jose canseco at least tried to be a team player while he was with the rangers, unlike some other person that i could name. nugget #4
He noted that years of steroids use has helped slow the aging process for him.
that and getting botox injections from janet dickinson while living in the surreal world house. nugget #5
Canseco is working on a movie and two more books, saying he intends to "rectify" his tarnished image.
what i'm interested in is who he thinks that he has a "tarnished" image. i think that the only people that don't like him right now are baseball people. as far as fans are concerned, i don't think they give two shits either way. he was the first 40/40 guy, he hit a hell of a lot of home runs with the A's, he's the guy who had the ball bounce of the top of his head for a homer, and he was just as roided out as any of those guys back in the day, no more, no less. i'm not sure he can undo history. as far as the players are concerned, i'm pretty sure that writing two more tell all books is not a step in the right direction. which leads us to nugget #6
"I feel one person can make a difference. I feel one person can change the world. I want Major League Baseball to know I'm not going away that easy."
i think we're all a little confused as to what kind of change jose is trying to bring about here. in his book, he advocates for the safe and regulated use of performance enhancers and then he famously backed down during the congresssional hearings. and this is the prime example of canseco's dilemma. he wants to be loved by players and fans, and that's not just going to happen. the fans, he can do something about, and to be honest, most of the fans that i know don't think that canseco is that bad a guy. but the players, and the baseball establishment who have gone on a full scale campaign against canseco for no other reason than being honest...that train has sailed. in the players eyes, he sold them out, and that's that. the other day on baseball tonight, one of the anchors mentioned that canseco was playing independent ball, and jeff brantley, the sparest of spare players and media people, shook his head in disgust. now if things were fair, we'd all realize that jose canseco's accomplishments on the field dwarf those of brantley's. and we would give respect accordingly. however, sports is a good old boys network and that's just never going to happen. which is actually a sociological point in that one of sport's main ideological function is to preserve existing hierachies of power. and like in regular society, that hierarchy is all effed up.


Ian said...

Hey, Bob. I hope you enjoyed your holiday.

As something of a gym rat, I've been around plenty of proud steroid users and ex-users. In fact, some people - usually people who don't know anything about steroids - have accused me of using at one time or another, which is actually more of an insult to steroids than it is to me.

Anyway, when Canseco says that steroids helps to slow the body's aging process, he's actually correct to a degree. Closely monitored steroid use will help to slow the body's aging process.

Steriods bombard the body with testosterone, but they also blast the body with white blood cells, thereby making it almost impossible for a steroid taker to get sick. That's why steroids are heavily prescribed to people with HIV. Ever notice why Magic Johnson was ENORMOUS when he tried to make his last comeback to the league? That wasn't body fat.

Anyway, the combination of testosterone and white blood cells works wonders in keeping people looking young. On the flipside, there are a number of spectacularly fit bodybuilders that are dropping like flies at the age of 40... and pro wrestlers, too.

Bob said...

i wasn't disputing the fact that steroids can slow down the aging process. not to come off as defensive, but i actually did know all that stuff. one of my friends wrote a paper about it in high school and he's filled me in with all this stuff. however, if you look at canseco's face these days, it's clear that he's botoxing it.