pan-ethnic peeps keepin' it real in the war against terror

just a shout out to a different kind of ragin' asian. US army 1st lt. ehren watada is going to trial for refusing to deploy to iraq because he believes the war is illegal. obviously, this is inviting all kinds of chaos into the system, but it seems clear that the usual channels of reasoned discourse or civil consent are not working out. as chuck d says, we gotta fight the powers that be!

p.s. in related pan-ethnic peeps kickin' ass news, that japanese kid that weighs a buck sixty breaks another hot dog eating record. then proceeds to take the most disgusting dump in the history of mankind.

what do elton john, michael stipe, and this guy have in common?

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carlos said...

I think there needs to be a federal probe investigating the populatity of steroid use in Hot Dog eating because Takeru Kobayashi is definitely using the cream. have you seen his pics from his 1st competition and now? theres no way someone can bulk-up that much with out some createne juice. if found guilty he should be stripped of all his hot dog records...bastards destroying americas past time...