sports quick hits

apologies for the lack of posting...i'm just busy dammit.

1) another american wins the tour de france. 1) like soccer, you still can't make me care. and 2) like lance armstrong's urine tests, the field was much diluted. seriously, if all of the top stars get suspended for roids, how am i supposed to take the tour seriously?

2) tiger wins the british open. this is really not that big a deal, since tiger appears to be keeping on course of going down as the greatest golfer of all time. but what i liked about this win was that he used a video game strategy to help him win. if you hadn't heard, tiger basically eschewed his driver this week, essentially trading off power for accuracy. in other words, he knew that he was still as long as the average PGA player with his 3W, so why use the club that gives him the most trouble. this is something i do when i play tiger woods PGA tour on my computer. which is easy to do since i'm just clicking my mouse to hit the ball, but to do this in real life...that's just dominance. by the way, what is sergio garcia's problem? you can't tell me that this is acceptable golfwear in europe.

3) espn.com's e-ticket did a great piece on pat tillman. although this was nothing a certain flummoxed-pacific-rim-heritaged blogger hasn't already addressed. seriously, if stephen a. smith can have a job in sports journalism, why can't i?

4) so even though espn.com fiinally does something worth tuning into the site for, it still doesn't make up for the latest bane of my exisitence, espn.com's espn motion. it's that thing on the right of the page that let's you watch video with sound of sports highlights and what not. in theory a great idea, however, in practice, espn has completely effed up the website in the process. some of you who are regular readers of espn.com already know what i'm talking about but for those of you aren't, espn has decided that rather than let you decide whether or not you're going to watch, it has decided that it will just have the player start randomly while you're reading something. in terms of annoying things on the web, it is on par with pop-ups for tranny porn (unless you're into that kind of thing, which by all means, who am i to judge?). i've been annoyed with things from espn.com before like when they basically started charging for every single baseball columnist, but i HATE this thing. it makes me want to shoot out my monitor every time it starts up. i may even have to fire off the proverbial "nasty letter to management".

5) jockey headbutts his own horse. i couldn't make that up if i tried. insert your own zidane joke here.

6) any day now, vegas should post the season over/unders for NFL teams. expect a full breakdown as soon as this happens.

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Erik said...

Molly, wow! Congrats! That is SO great!

(eff you socgrad)