there is no justice

ken lay died before he could get sent to a federal-pound-me-in-the-ass prison.

according to the SF chronicle story, he died of "coronary artery disease" in of all places, aspen colorado. this after no record of serious illness. so far the reportage of this case has been pretty muted. a sad ending to the enron saga, etc. however, call me crazy, but i think we ought to look more closely. it just doesn't add up. obviously, someone of lay's stature just wasn't going to make in the big house. my guess is that he committed suicide and paid off enough people like the coroner to say that his death was natural.

now here comes the crappy part. according to the story:
Lay's death all but ensures that defense lawyers will seek to throw out his criminal conviction -- and it casts doubt on the ability of the government and investors to recover money from the Lay estate, legal experts said.
come on people! is there any question as to whether he committed suicide? this one is too easy, so it seems strange to me that the press is just accepting this coronary artery disease nonsense.

it's amazing. ken lay is still ripping off enron investors from the grave. it is truly galling the lengths to which these people will go to avoid any kind of accountability for their actions.

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