bobby the gook season 3, rules and scoring

hot damn tamales! dress me up in a plaid skirt and call me britney, football season kicks off today! and with the start of football season comes our favorite past time, handicapping football games like handicapped people! this season is so ripe with good story lines and interesting propositions that i can hardly wait to start making money with my bookie. last year, fredo and i endured the worst season imaginable by two football geniuses. relatively speaking, fredo won, but overall, we both sucked ass. this year, i vow to make amends and will prove to you that i deserve the mantle of football prodigy which you the adoring crowd have so lovingly bestowed upon me. in fact, this year, after a two year losing streak to fredo, it's time to pull out the big guns:


that's right, i'm going namath on y'all (circa 1969, not 2003). i hate to do this to fredo, but his opinions on the san diego chargers have already driven a boulder size wedge between us, so i'm going to go ahead and complete the alienation.

anyways, on to the scoring system. last year, i came up with a pretty convoluted scoring system and to be honest, it was too much of a headache to keep up with. this year we're going to employ a two part scoring system that is much simpler. part 1 is your basic win/loss record. as always, we are required to pick one game that will be designated as the fifty dollar bet, and this will count as two wins or two losses toward the winning percentage. part 2 is going to employ an imaginary casino for parlays. we will both start with $170 in our account ($10 per week) and parlays will pay out according to real world parlay odds which i am getting from this website, but i'll post them now for posterity.

3 Teams 6/1
4 Teams 11/1
5 Teams 20/1
6 Teams 40/1
7 Teams 75/1
8 Teams 150/1
9 Teams 300/1
10 Teams 700/1

anyays, we'll each be required to make at least ten dollars worth of parlay bets per week, but we can bet as much as we want, and we can make as many different parlays as we want (minimum $2 per bet). so i could put $10 on a 4-team parlay if i wanted. or i can make a $6 5-team parlay and 2 $2 3-team parlays. parlays can be made up of picks against the spread or over/unders which i will start listing next to the games. anyways, we'll calculate winnings each week and add that up every week. whoever ends up with more money in their account at the end of the year wins that part of the game. the idea here is to simulate real vegas betting conditions, where you obviously would not bet on every single game.

i'll be getting the lines from caesar's sportsbook, and you can find the lines here. lastly, anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome. spending tuesday morning calculating the winners and losers is always a good distraction for me. anyways, them's the rules...but i suppose it moot, since i have already


good luck fredo. next post, week 1.

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alfredo said...

fuck me running, bob. i just saw this, and you can kiss my ass. i will clarify my parlay in a few minutes.