the ragin' asian returns, but steve irwin sure won't be

howdy kids! i'm finally back from my big trip. i've actually been back for a while now but i've been laying low and taking it easy. first off, before i say anything, let me send out a ragin' welcome to ADBR, the newest addition to the dallas cowboy nation. we here at the ragin' asian can't think of a better sign about the outcome of the cowboys' season than your timely arrival. as they say in montreal, bienvenue!

anyways, the croc hunter finally died while trying to piss off a stingray for his show. i say finally because very few people have tempted death publicly as many times as this guy. by all accounts, he seemed like a nice fellow and i'm sure he did much to educate australia's children about nature. however, everytime i watched him, i couldn't help but thinking that he was playing with fire. i would never go so far as to say i wished death on him, but i did often wish that he would leave those damn animals alone. i mean, how would you like it if some dude randomly tackled you and started pointing out your privates on television.

did he deserve to die? of course not. but could he have avoided it by being a little more careful? probably. i mean, he didn't have to always wear shorts around the posionous snakes did he, did he? seriously, how far was he from being that dude in that movie grizzly man?

anyways, i suppose that there's some comfort to be found in knowing that he died while doing what he loved, effing with wildlife. g'day mate!

australian authorities have released this sketch of the suspected assailant.

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Ian said...

When I first heard the news, my reaction was, "It took long enough." Not to sound callous, but when your job involved you to regularly deal with venomous, and otherwise deadly animals, how long can you dodge the bullet?

Incidentally, I've never heard of a stingray plunging its stinger and emptying its venom into someone's heart. Wow. That's as deadly a stingray attack as you will ever hear about.