T.O. = some kind of crazy

as i'm sure you've all read by now, everyone's favorite prima donna reciever may or may not have attempted suicide last night. do i think he really tried? how the hell should i know? do i think he has some kind of mental disorder? youbetcha! here's an interesting take on the whole mental health thing in the NFL by Dr. Z.

my own theory is that i've always thought that terell might be gay and that being closeted causes him great mental discomfort as i'm sure it does for all people who don't think they can come out. think about it, remember how vitriolic he was towards gay people in san francisco? i've always thought that violent homophobia was a way of denying your own true sexuality. the obsession with physical fitness? the flamboyant touchdown celebrations? but now with the suicide attempt and the knowledge that gay people are much much more likely to attempt suicide than straight people? if that isn't enough to fuel completely unfounded speculation, than i don't know what is. either way, i'm glad he's ok, cuz in two weeks he's going to torch the eagles and put them out of division title contention.


Ian said...

I'd just like to state that obsession with physical fitness is a sexuality-neutral issue. If that were the case, the entire NFL would be gay, and anyone who's read about the social practices of Minnesota Vikings players knows that this is not the case.

nate newton said...

i don't give a shit about physical fitness.