sports quick hits

it's been a while since i've done this, but that's a good thing, because that means i'm making progress towards my degree. anyways, let's get it going.

1) cory lidle may have died and possibly killed 3 other people when he ran his plane into a 50 story building in NYC. apparently he took the yankees' ALDS loss to the tigers pretty hard. no word on whether steinbrenner is going to fire torre or cashman because of this. man i'm dark sometimes.

2) in yesterday's TMQ, we learned that the NCAA is going after william and mary for their inclusion of feathers in their logo. the official nickname is "the tribe". as pointed out by easterbrook, this is but one example of the hypocrisy that is the NCAA. florida state can keep their mascot and logo, the seminoles, but william and mary can't keep feathers in their logo. let's see, this is ok:

but this is not:

let's see, what could possibly be the difference between florida state and william and mary? could it be that florida state is a football factory, while william and mary is an actual university? as we're often fond of saying here at the ragin' asian, follow the money.

3) the convenience store chain 7-11 has paid the white sox a lot of cash to start all of their home games at...take a wild gues...7:11PM. that's right, we've found a way to sponsor the time of day. next up, sponsorship deals for the virtues of hard work and determination..."today's valiant effort by the seattle mariners brought to you by verizon wireless, can you hear me now?"

4) someone mentioned to me that hockey season started...umm, what is hockey again?

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