bobby the gook season 3, week 10

good golly miss molly. so much has happened this week, between the dems taking over the government to the transition from k-fed to fedex, i'm only assured that my impending decision to retire from blogging might be a really good one. however, bloggers new addition of labels, may tempt me to stay on. technology rules! i've got a zillion things to do right now, so i can't talk much, so i'm just going to get on with the picks. i'll tally up our current standings in the comments section tomorrow or monday, but right now, i've got a fever and the only prescription is gamblin'! and more cowbell! number's from caesar's, home teams in caps.

kc (-1) over MIA (o/u - 40)
this one seems easy to me as the dolphins ruined parlays all over the nation last week. my take, complete aberration. the chiefs are just a much better team for me to take the home dog.

JAX (-10) over hou (o/u - 37)
my extremely sound logic is that houston won the last game, which they probably shouldn't have, and division games almost always split for the season.

CIN (+1) over sd (o/u - 48)
not that i think cinnci is any good, it just seems that the chargers have been rolling all season against the spread. stay away.

cle (+8) over ATL (o/u - 42)
seriously, the falcons are the most maddening team to pick. some weeks they look unbeatable, others they look like crap. usually i would say that since the falcons had a bad week last week, they'll have a good one this week. however, they had two good weeks in a row before than one, so again, with the bulletproof logic, i'll say they will make it even out here.

IND (-12.5) over buf (o/u - 45)
i want to take the dog here as it's very possible that indy has a let down after last week, but without mcgahee, i just can't do it.

PIT (-5.5) over no (o/u - 45.5)
last week's steeler's game was supposed to be a trap, but it wasn't as the steelers sucked like they have all year, the rare reverse trap if you will. however, this looks as trappy as can be, and i'd rather pick wrong then get caught.

PHI (-7.5) over was (o/u - 42.5)
as bad as things have been for the cowboys, at least i can take some solace in the fact that the redskins are infinitely worse off than the boys.

chi (+1.5) over NYG (o/u -37.5)
i'm surprised that the giants are still favored with all those injuries. the bears have a injury problem of their own with mike brown out. still, the giants are going to be basically starting their scout team on offense.

MIN (-5.5) over gb (o/u -39)
i really should take the packers here, but i remember something about how favre sucks inside and in the metrodome.

NE (-10.5) over nyj (o/u - 37.5)
i have nothing to say here, so i'll just say that even though we all saw the train wreck of the federline-spears marriage coming, it still is a relief that fedex will soon fade into pop culture obscurity.

DET (-6) over sfo (o/u - 46)
can't take the niners on the road.

den (-9) over OAK (o/u - 33)
seriously, will al davis please just die already?

stl (+3.5) over SEA (o/u - 43)
just have a really good feeling about this one.

dal (-7) over ARI (o/u - 43.5)
minus the playoff debacle a few years ago, the cards haven't beat the good guys for the last 7-8 games.

tb (+9.5) over CAR (o/u - 37)
give up the points at home with the panthers.

money bets
damn it i really screwed myself last week with my wild ass betting. so eff it, let's end it all right now. i'm all in - give me everything i have the freakin' broncos. dammit, i hate gambling. all right kids, back to writing my comprehensive exam. see ya' next week.


alfredo said...

you missed the bal-ten game

$50: cle/buf/was/no
$25: bal/MIA/JAX
$100: kc

alfredo said...

$25: den/stl/dal

alfredo said...

more wildass betting

$69: DET (call it the erik love special)

$5: nyj/cle/mia/buf/ten
$5: ind/ne/pit/den
$5: ten/DET/PHI

Erik said...

kc over MIA

JAC over hou

sd over CIN - Carson Palmer is about as good as Daunte
Culpepper. Take the under.

cle over ATL - I hate picking atl games -- this is the most
inconsistent damn team ever. But if the Lions can beat them... why
not Charlie Frye?

bal over TEN - the church of Ray Lewis

buf over IND - you know, Buffallo's D is underrated. I say
they keep this one within 7, just like NE did last week.

no over PIT. You know, Pittsburgh's D is overrated. And as long
as Charlie Batch is on the bench, the Steelers won't be winning.

PHI over was - finally took a home team

MIN over gb

NE over nyj

NYG over chi - I respect the Bears, but Bob's right, without
that DT and without a 100% Urlacher, and with the success of Rex's new restaurant in Chicago -- I see a blowout by the football Giants here. Can't wait to watch this one.

sf over DET - I'm not picking the Lions any more. And Frank
Gore is good enough to run against the Lions who are without three of
their four starting defensive linemen (Hall, Rogers, and Cody).

den (-9.5) over OAK

SEA over stl - Yeah, Seattle's defense will shut down the
Bulger machine, which has been amazing.

dal over ARI - The Cards after week 5 (or whenever the Chicago
game was) are starting to look like the Tigers after Game 2.

tb over CAR - Look, I know home teams usually win, and TB
sucks, but Carolina's defense is no good this year. No way Delhomme
covers. More importantly, MNF games suck big time this year.

Bob said...

i swear to god i posted your picks last night, i don't know what happened, sorry erik. and i also took ten, but since i didn't get it up on time - i guess i have to take the effing loss there. this is such bs.