bobby the gook season 3, week 15

i think it's time we took some time to acknowledge the season that fredo is having. last fredo extended his streak of double digits wins to three by going a more than stellar 12-4. even after getting 11 games the previous two weeks he somehow managed to actually improve last week. the downside to this is that yours truly went 11-5 and lost ground. not that it matters cuz right now, fredo is just like the san diego chargers and LT, we know they're going to win alot, but we're just sticking around now to see how many touchdowns he can score. erik on the other hand is letting his true sorry colors show and finished in a distant third with only 9 wins. but i can't talk much since he ended my fantasy season last week. eff him. anyways, i'm getting closer to .500 which is the goal for me right now. on the other hand, the money round is getting a little more interesting as i managed to make $220 last week, while fredo only made $80, most of it on a three team parlay. anyways, here are the standings.

Bob vs. Fredo
season record
Winning Pct.
Vegas Round

Bob vs. Erik
season record
Winning Pct.

anyways, let's get on with it since there's a game in about three hours.

SEA (-9.5) over sfo (o/u - 38)
the niners aren't looking so hot these days, but neither do the seahawks. the seahawks are most definitely a better team and i'm just guessing that the hawks roll at home here. also, how crappy must it be for shaun alexander to only have one of the glamour records, most touchdowns in a season, for not even a full year. man LT is good.

dal (-3.5) over ATL (o/u - 43)
this one makes me nervous because despite the debaucle of last sunday night, the falcons are still the more desperate team. they aren't in charge of their division, so they really need to win out to make it. however, i'm hoping that parcells and his big FUPA can straighten out the cowboys and make them realize that they pretty much need to win out to win the division. so that makes them desperate in their own way. on a personal note, i'm getting a little nervous with how well the eagles are playing. also, saturday games are completely stupid.

nyj (+3) over MIN (o/u - 41)
i actually think that the jets are the better team, but i fear the mini-trap here. at the same time, i guess i could be getting sucked in by their win last week against the lions. actually, i'm changing my original pick, gimme the jets.

BAL (-11) over cle (o/u - 34)
this is the time of the year where we start to see more blowouts. ravens at home, a terrible browns offense, and a quarterback i've never ever heard of...seems easy enough.

NE (-12) over hou (o/u - 37)
again, the end of year blowout theory + the fact that i nailed the new england pick last year. i think that tom brady is just too good to play that poorly two weeks in a row. throw in the fact that david carr is playing on the road, outside, etc....well you get the picture.

mia (+1.5) over BUF (o/u - 34.5)
perhaps it is unwise to take the warm weather team on the road, but miami's defense just seems completely dominant right now. on the other hand, willis mcgahee is looking real good these days. in other words, i have no idea, so gimme the points.

pit (-3) over CAR (o/u - 39)
go against the panthers at home.

was (+10) over NO (o/u - 45)
this is going against the late season blowout theory, but i think the saints will let down a little after last weeks great game, and maybe the skins can show some signs of life now that there is no pressure on them at all.

TEN (+3.5) over jax (o/u - 41)
you wanna pick against the great vince young right now? me neither. and let's not forget how bad the jaguars can be. this is a team built for inconsistency, and they've been good the last two weeks, so i expect them to regress back to the mean here.

CHI (-13.5) over tam (o/u - 33.5)
blowout theory. however, as always, beware the rex. it's weird how everyone seems to be saying that the rex grossman thing is not an issue anymore. but he didn't have that great a game last week. all the same, the buccs are el stinko.

phi (+5.5) over NYG (o/u - 43.5)
no i don't think that the eagles are better off with jeff garcia, but still, i kinda fear the eagles. again, i'm not sure where all the talk about the giants solving their problems is coming from, after all, they only beat chris weinke last week.

GB (-5) over det (o/u - 43.5)
erik seems to say that it's real easy to run on the lions, but i think that brett favre is going to make a lot of progress towards marino's all time td record. i should probably take the points here, but detroit is pretty bad.

DEN (-3) over ari (o/u - 41.5)
i'm pleased with matt leinart's progress. but i just think that this late in the season, with as much on the line for the broncos, shanahan will have a good enough game plan to show the cards that they still have a ways to go.

SD (-8.5) over kc (o/u - 46.5)
man i'm taking a lot of favorites. not good. but seriously, 29 touchdowns with three games left + 2 passing tds. i don't think it is a stretch to say that LT's season is the single most dominant statistical year that i've ever seen in my lifetime.

stl (+2.5) over OAK (o/u - 38)
again, i'm not real happy with this game. is st. louis that bad? maybe, but why are the raiders any of a smarter pick? i'll take the points.

IND (-3) over cin (o/u - 54)
this can't be a good pick. in fact, everything i can come up with says that the bengals will just let rudi run wild over the colts. i know i used this logic last week, but can the colts be this bad for this long of a stretch? it's clear that they are a one and done playoff team, but they can't be so bad as to lose 4 out of 5? maybe i'm completely wrong, but i coulda sworn that peyton was playing his ass off before this last few games. whatever you do, don't base your own pick on mine cuz i have no confidence in this pick whatsoever.

again, i'll get the money bets down later.


alfredo said...

tonight's game -

Seattle - they've been money at home, the san frans are starting to limp into the homestretch, and favorites are 3-0 on thursday nights.

alfredo said...

in fact, give me $100 on seattle tonight. in some way, i am trying to jinx my fantasy opponent who has hasselbeck and the seattle D going. one hundred imaginary dollars (bob bucks) will ease the pain if they go crazy tonight.

Erik said...

seattle tonight, i'm late, but you're a huge loser bob for missing the fantasy semifinals to my squad of nobodies

Erik said...

Good lord the Seattle Seahawks are worthless. Did losing that offensive lineman really derail everything they had going for them last year?

OK -- time for a comeback. Bob you're a giant loser, and I'm up against Hater in Fantasy right now. Destiny says I'm getting all of these games so, so right.

ATL over dal - I hate picking atlanta games. But after seeing the flatfooted Dallas defense last week, I'm afraid Ron Mexico will have a triple double here.

MIN over nyj - eff the Vikings, but their run defense will do the same thing to the Jets that the Bills did last week.

BAL over cle - mistake by the lake

hou over NE - what is going on with the Patriots?

mia over BUF - Turns out I have a secret mancrush on Joey Harrington.

CAR over pit - I refuse to pick the Steelers as long as Charlie Batch sits on the bench.

NO over was - I don't often get on bandwagons, since I'm so much cooler than everyone else, but let me tell you something about the New Orleans offense: they are so good they could rebuild all the levees and find time to score 5 touchdowns before halftime. Good lord they do some tricky, brilliant shit. I see no reason they don't score 51 points here, unless they kneel it down with 14 minutes left like they did last week.

tam over CHI - Now, who needs an offense, but that's a lot of points for Grossman to put up.

NYG over phi - actually, I have a secret mancrush on Jeff Garcia, too.

GB over det - did you hear that they're replacing the Frozen Tundra with a heated floor in the offseason? God damn it why do pro sports leagues make it so easy to be a raving purist? Next thing you know the NFL will come out with a new, heated ball.

ari over DEN - What a season for the Cards.

SD over kc - yeah, clearly, they'll want to rest LT. He'll run the ball 3 times in this one and somehow score 7 touchdowns.

stl over OAK - hell if I know, what's up with that line?

cin over IND - Can Peyton Manning lose 4 out of 5? Absolutely, as long as they have me in at middle linebacker.

There it is kids. Good luck against my staggering football genius.

Bob said...

gimme a couple hundo on the good guys tonight. that would be the dallas cowboys in case you didn't know.

alfredo said...

cowboys tonight; i'll do the rest later.

alfredo said...

nyj (+3) over MIN - AFC/NFC rule and what the hell does min have to play for, anyway?

BAL (-11) over cle - i feel like i've underestimated bal a little all year, so here's their chance to put it in my face. (dirty.)

NE (-12) over hou - surely houston has packed it in for the winter.

mia (+1.5) over BUF - this almost seems like a trap. i probably like miami too much here. this week is tough.

pit (-3) over CAR - has carolina figured out who's playing qb?

NO (-10) over was - i've waffled on this over the past few days. i took was in the pool, so this is a reverse-jinx pick.

jax (-3.5) over TEN - vince young gets shut down and screws my fantasy team in the process.

CHI (-13.5) over tam - tampa gets pounded in a mail-it-in special.

phi (+5.5) over NYG - divisional matchup, giants suck, gimme points.

GB (-5) over det - seriously, erik, wouldn't you be happier if detroit just didn't have a football team? then you could adopt the chargers since they are the closest franchise to s.b.
ARI (+3) over den - i hate this one. i'm just taking the home-dog and guessing that the broncos clear up the playoff picture by removing themselves from the discussion.

kc (+8.5) over SD - sort of a jinx here, but it's not unreasonable. go chargers anyway.

OAK (-2.5) over stl - what the hell.

cin (+3) over IND - just give me the points. indy is a pretty lopsided team. it seems like any okay team with a smart game plan can keep it close on the colts. they aren't blowing anyone out of the water because their defense blows. why not take the points here? that said, go reggie wayne.

$20 no/BAL/GB
$20 no/BAL/det
$20 jax/mia/nyj
$20 was/BAL/TEN
$20 stl
$20 hou (jinx)
$200 jax
$200 pit

alfredo said...



$50 NE-hou UNDER

Bob said...

that was an easy 200 bob bucks (conversion rate 1USD=134.74BB) that i picked up with a cowboys win. in the best tradition of true problem gamblers, double or nothing...gimme 200 bucks on the packers.

$100 Chi
$50 Phi

$20 Phi/GB/SD