rosie o'donnell is a 'hippo'-crite

ha ha get it! hippo? you know, cuz she's fat, and not funny. it's not so nice when the name calling is directed at you now is it rosie. anyways, for those of you who haven't heard yet, rosie o'donnell is a big fat hypocrite. i know you all knew about the big and fat part, but i'm talking about the hypocrite part. in case you didn't hear, she did some racist shtick on that stupid show, the view the other day. it's not as if i didn't already hate rosie o'donnell, but this just really rachets up the level of hatred to a new level. i now hate her more than mike krzyzewski, but less than scott stapp. this youtube video sums up my feelings nicely.

seriously, the view is the single worst show on television today. try to think of a worse show...you can't think of one can you? anyways, now it is the single worst racist show on television today.

p.s. the really crazy thing about this is that the youtube video is by michelle malkin, a crazy right wing asian political pundit (think anne coulter lite, except much hotter) that usually gives my people a bad name. but i got to give her props here, cuz she nailed it (except for saying that rosie is a leading voice of the left...she's certainly not this lefty's leader).

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b. parcells said...

was rosie ever funny? i just can't believe how lame that is and how the typically vapid morning talk show audience laughs out of habit. (now if she had pulled her eyes into a slant, then it would have been funny.)