sports quick hits

1) the duke rape case is starting to fall apart. i don't know the specifics of prosecuting a rape case, but it would seem to me that when you find the DNA of other guys and not the DNA of anyone on the team on the accuser, you would not be able to convict beyond a shadow of a doubt. very unfortunate situation. i was one of those people who said that duke lacrosse players were getting a free pass because they were white, but it turns out they are probably not guilty. however, that doesn't change my opinion that lacrosse is the province of privileged kids and that alcohol is a gigantic issue in college sports and college in general that no one really wants to do anything about.

2) more title IX stuff. a while back, i wrote about a girls high school basketball coach who was fired for asking for some practice time in the nice gym (can't find the link, sorry). anyways, the court went to the supreme court and lo and behold, he freakin' won! it's a step in the right direction. but if you're interested i suggest you read the linked article, because things were a lot worse than i thought they would be.

3) joey porter apologizes to kellen winslow jr for calling him a "fag". seriously, between mel gibson, kramer, rosie o'donnell and this, it befuddles me whenever people think i talk about race too much.

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