allen iverson for president

i've recently come to the conclusion that basketball has the most inept management of all the major sports. when i mean management, i mean that only in the NBA would we see a trade like steve francis to the knicks. when it comes to marketing and stuff like that, the NBA are whizzes, but when it comes down to trying to fix the game, they're terrible.

take for instance, the news that allen iverson isn't going to be invited to try out for the olympic team. keep in mind, that this was the only guy from the bronze medal 2004 team who played worth a damn, the only player who didn't have a bad attitude during the olympics, and the only player who said at the end of it all that he was proud to play for his country. also keep in mind that he is averaging 33 points and 7 assists a game for a team that is 28-28, which if you think about it for a second, it makes his situation even more amazing than kobe's. also keep in mind, that we haven't seen a guy play with as much hustle, guts, and heart since rudy. and somehow, that dipshit mike krzyzewski thinks that america is better off without this guy on the team? i just don't get it. fredo said it best when he once said, "if allen iverson was white, they'd have named a state after him by now."

recently public opinion of the iverson has swayed more positively, but apparently, some of the powers that be don't think he'd be a good representative of our country. well, eff that, and eff the men's olympic basketball team. i almost hope that they don't medal in china.


polar bear news

canadian hockey mom fights polar bear and wins!

i'm glad her kids are ok and all, but i'm still a little sad that a polar bear had to die in all of this commotion.


sports quick hits

1) another reason why the period between the super bowl and march madness is the worst sports period every year, the winter olympics. if you hadn't seen, american idol blew the olympics out of the water in terms of ratings. and it's great to see the talking heads on television wonder why the ratings aren't any good. it's actually not that difficult of a question to answer. the answer is the winter olympics suck. here more than the summer olympics, the whole "olympic spirit" crap is what people want to see. i'm not saying that winter olympians are not athletes, after all, it probably does take a lot of athletic skill to be able to ski down a mountain that fast, but unlike the summer olympics, the athleticism is simply not on showcase. i mean when you watch the final for the 100 meter dash, you know that in essence, you are watching a contest for who the fastest person on earth is. it's a fairly simple premise that we can all understand and be interested in. but when you watch, say the luge, you think that maybe you're watching who can keep their toes pointed longest, combined with who's the heaviest, combined with a whole host of other factors that well, just don't seem important. i'm not saying that all the other reasons that people are citing, such as the time delay, the lack of personalities, and the lack of US dominance, aren't factors, because they surely are. i'd be a lot more interested in hockey if i thought that the americans stood a chance, but the truth is they don't, so like most ugly americans, i just don't care. in sum, eff the winter olympics.

oh yeah, the winter olympics are also imperialist and racist. even if they took out all the snow, it'd still be the whitest thing since coachella.

2) in the latest issue of SI, (no not the swimsuit issue - guys and lesbians, you're welcome), ozzie guillen calls a-rod a little bitch for his wishy-washy-ness on the world baseball tourney. of course, i agree, and of course, a-rod being sorry is nothing new, but it's certainly a good excuse to run this picture again.

3) it looks like sammy sosa is going to retire. and yes, i know that he probably cheated big-time, but for someone who lived in chicago during his hey-day, the whole thing is just sad to me. especially how chicago fans seem to be distancing. all i know is that the dude had an impact on the game and come july would always put on a show. i don't know what else we can ask for.

4) black NCAA men's basketball coach mike davis of indiana looks like he's quitting. true his past two years were not great, but it's not like his team quit on him or he's an alcoholic.

only a few weeks until pitchers and catchers report!


when and when not to criticize old white guys...

sometimes i think that we have our priorities mixed up in this country. take all the hubbub about dick cheney shooting his friend on a hunting trip. now this isn't a great thing to have happened, but surely it was an accident, and we're all glad that no one got killed. yet i've read everywhere that this is a sign of how the bush administration sucks. honestly, this has nothing to do with it. iraq, the economy, and spying on brown people for no reason are why the administration sucks. apparently there was even a little testy exchange in the white house press room about how the white house is trying to cover up something. there's nothing to cover up. dick chaney is old and he shot someone who he really didn't mean to shoot. it's stupid, but again, not the reason why he sucks.

then take oklahoma state men's basketball coach eddie sutton, who recently was in a car accident and cited for a DUI. instead of having a press conference or releasing a statement owning up to what he did, he instead opts to take a leave of absence for the rest of the season, citing "health reasons". people should be grilling eddie sutton and calling for his head, they did the same with bob huggins, but instead, i feel like no one is saying a word. imagine if it was mack brown or pete carrol who had gotten in a drunk driving accident.

strange how scandal works with old white guys isn't it?


in case there is a question as to who is the baddest man in the NFL is

from deadspin.com, an account of the pro-bowl skills competition out in hawaii.
Cowboys lineman Larry Allen went first in the strongest man portion of the Pro Bowl Skills Competition, and proceeded to bench press 225 pounds 43 consecutive times. I can’t even fathom that.
good lord, me neither.

i can do this at least 42 more times, so quit missing kicks!

nfl coaching carousel final tally

well, the raiders finally hired a coach and lo and behold, it's very black guy, art shell! the really frazy thing about all of this of course is that art shell was fired by al davis, i don't konw how many years ago, and it's been no secret that davis always regretted that move. but on with the tally, shall we? in addition to shell, the raiders interviewed, ken whisenhunt (off. coordinator for the steelers), bobby petrino (u of louisville head coach), james lofton (sd's receiver's coach), al saunders (kc's former off. coordinator, now with wash), and mike martz (former ram's head coach and current lions' off. coordinator). of those 6 candidates, lofton and shell were black. that brings the total number of candidates interviewed for 9 jobs - 56; total number of black candidates interviewed - 11 (19%), 2 coaches hired (herm edwards in KC, and art shell in oakland). while one of the jobs lost was by a black coach, he did find a job elsewhere (herm edwards). all told, there is one more black head coach in the NFL than there was last year.

i think that you'd be hard pressed to say that when around 20% of the available positions filled were by african americans, you can't call it a step backwards, but when 5 out of the 31 coaches are black, i don't think it's a real step forwards either. oh well, at least it's not college football.

on a related note, it is interesting to see that one-time coaching golden boy quin snyder got the boot from his head men's basketball gig at mizzou. my take is that people are coming around to saying that he did a really shitty job at mizzou, but if he were black, he would have been canned a couple of years ago. and then you have idiots like dick vitale basically saying that it wasn't quin's fault that he couldn't recruit, couldn't get his players to play for him, and broke NCAA rules. ummm....who's fault is it then dick vitale? anyways, as always, this is an interesting story that we'll continue to track.


comparing peyton and T.O. and their relationship with teammates

i'm just going through len pasquerelli's notes about the pro-bowl on espn.com. there was one sentence early on that struck me.
And they certainly haven't lost any faith in their quarterback, even as the remarks Peyton Manning made in the wake of the season-ending loss on Jan. 15 continue to be dredged up more than three weeks later.
i bring this up because it reminds me of something that peter king wrote during super bowl week. i can't find the exact story but basically, it was about the same thing as pasquerelli's story, something to the effect that king couldn't believe that the story of peyton throwing his offensive line under the bus with his enourmously sorry quote, "i want to be a good teammate here, but we had some problems blocking," was a story that had legs.

if you remember, last year, a certain disgruntled wide reciever whose name rhymes with Derrell Mowens, also made remarks about one of his teammates performance during a crucial loss. yet after his remarks, none of these columnists to my recollection were bemoaning the fact that the press was making a big deal out of nothing.

i know that T.O. and peyton occupy very different places in the NFL food chain, but i just think that it's a little stupid for guys like pasquerelli and king, who usually write good stuff and know better, to chide the press for holding peyton responsible for his remarks in the same way that they did terell owens. oh yeah, don't forget, T.O. is black. not saying the causal link exists, but i'm not saying it doesn't either.

the persecution of the gamblorites

my people are under attack today, as some hockey guy gets in trouble for taking bets for other hockey guys and one hockey girl, who happens to be the greatest hockey player of all time's wife.

no doubt this is bad news for an already struggling sport, but the ragin' asian says, what's the big effin' deal? people bet on sports all the time, and as long as they didn't bet on hockey, or influence the outcomes of their own games, then nobody gets hurt. the argument in this story is that even if they don't influence t he outcome of the game, they still might get tempted to give inside information to unsavory characters, i.e. injuries. if you just force teams to be honest about their injuries, you wouldn't have to worry about that kind of crap.

anyways, like the article every major sports league has all sorts of taboos about gambling, but it seems to me that the best way to get rid of the problems of gambling is to make it ok for pro-athletes to bet on any sport except their own. and really in the big picture of things, there are a lot worse things that pro-athletes are doing that are much worse than gambling.

it also seems arcane to me to hold on to a notion that gambling is somehow inherently evil or morally wrong. it is a multi-billion dollar business that is a very normalized part of everyday life here in america. i don't have to drive more than five minutes to find an OTB place and play the horsies. yes, of course some people have problems with it, but some people also have problems with putting on too much makeup and you don't see anyone protesting outside the may-kay factory. leave us gamblers in peace, i say. leave us be.


super bowl wrapup

what can i say about the worst super bowl that i've ever seen. at least PARM* hines ward (half-korean) picked up a deserved MVP award.

the other thing worth noting is that this year's ratings for the super bowl were up 5% from last year, which just further proves that america hates the philadelphia eagles.

* in case you didn't know, PARM stands for positive asian role model, something which i bemoan the lack of all the time.


how to write your own "do-not-pass-go-one-way-ticket-to-hell"

seriously, you gotta draw the line somewhere, and i draw them at puppies.