fun with lakers' quotes

kobe on his one game suspension for elbowing manu ginobli in the face:
I haven't seen a precedence for this. There's unintentional elbows that take place in a game all the time.
hey kobe, that because there is no precedence for this...however, i suspect that there is a precedent.

phil jackson' reaction (E, you're going to love this one):
I have been a little disappointed with how Kobe has been treated as a premier player
in other words, phil just acknowledged that his entire career is built upon players getting a ton of calls that they probably shouldn't have.

phil: ok kobe, just make sure that you're standing close enough to your defender so that when he exhales, the carbon dioxide that he expels hits you on the arm, that should be enough to draw the foul. this worked for jordan at least six times a game.
kobe: but phil, i don't want to cause any kind of incidence!

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