a little something to get you ready for super sunday

i don't know about you, but i'm pretty excited about this year's halftime entertainment, the artist currently known as prince. aside from being a sexy m-effer, he's got a ton of hits that i know the words to and generally enjoy listening to. and if i have to sit through any kind of bs halftime show, it may as well be of something kinda cool. anyways, one thing that you probably know about prince is that he kicks total ass on the guitar. fredo found this clip of prince playing with tom petty, jeff lyne and dhani harrison, at the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony playing "while my guitar gently weeps". it's bizarre enough to see prince on stage with tom petty, but then when starts his solo, prepare to be blown away (fast forward to 3:34 if you just want to hear his purpleness' solo). in musician speak, he unleashes some pretty tasty chops, and pretty much steals the show. anyways, enjoy!

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Erik said...

I don't know, I'd still be happier if there was a more family-friendly performer... someone, I don't know, more like this. Or maybe this. Point is, stop breathing all the white man's air.