maybe if he were married to baby spice

i find it curious that everyone seems to think that the arrival of david beckham is going to renew interest in professional soccer. they're even calling him the next coming of pele. not that i know that much about soccer, but i'm sure that pele fans are not amused with the comparison.

anyways, aside from the whole "really good international soccer players only come to america after they're washed up theory," let me again remind everyone that sports, particularly professional spectator sports is a male domain. i'm not saying it's right, but the fact is for a sport to take off in the states, it has to be popular with males. even further, it has to be really popular with young males. the best example i can give you is skateboarding. i could cite some studies that have found that the skating culture, a pseudo punk/masculine, made it very marketable and that it made it fit in with existing sports culture, but instead i'll offer you a simpler explanation. tony hawk popularized skatebaording. why? he was the best skatebaorder (at the time) andhis video game kicked ass, two things that young males really dig. now i can almost assure you that the average 15-30 year old male is not excited about david beckham playing in the states. maybe if rolandinho or someone like that came over, but not david beckham. in fact, the main demographic that is interested in david beckham coming over are females, who enjoy his good looks, and are interested in the fact that he is married to posh spice. if you ask me that is not a recipe for success in the states.

i know i'm biased because i'm on record as not enjoying professional soccer, but just because i'm biased doesn't mean i'm not right.

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