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apparently, according to the following comment, erik wants to play:
Bob you're killing me.

I wont' have a chance to post before the Saturday games start, so here are your guaranteed picks for this weekend's NFL games. I'd like to dedicate these picks to Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

BAL (-3.5) over ind - I can't wait to see Peyton Manning weeping like Tony Romo.

phi (+5) over NO - I think NO wins but not by 5. Philly has the firepower to keep up with these guys, particularly since they're rocking Jeff Garcia.

sea (+9) over CHI - This line is way too big. Chicago wins, of course.

SD (-5) over ne - Now here's a blowout.

bye (-17.5) over DET - Detroit wins, of course, but not by this much.
erik's logic can be so problematic sometimes. according to his logic, the bye is favored against detroit, yet in his comment he says that he's picking detroit to win but not covering the spread. when an underdog wins, by definition, it covers the spread. this is why erik sucks as picking football games. anyways, this is how i see everything going this week.

ind (+3.5) over BAL (o/u - 42)
it's going to be close and the ravens have really proven themselves to be worthy of this spot. but, there's only ben one team with a lights out defense and almost no offense to make a deep run in the post season. of course it was the ravens, but i think peyton wil come through. also the line is now -4, so i'm going the opposite of what most people are thinking. at the same time however, home teams in this round of the playoffs almost always win. something tells me to take the over here as well.

NO (-5) over phi (o/u - 49)
i just think that philadelphia is overmatched on offense here. this one is going to be shootout city. it's going to be like the dallas game, except that the eagles with put up much more of a fight. over over over.

sea (+9) over CHI (o/u - 37)
erik is right, that is way too many points when someone named rex grossman is your quarterback. i want to like this version of the bears, but i have decided i don't. however, i'm not worried since the NFL will exert its influence to make sure that the saints get int the super bowl. after all, as ford or chevy or whichever car company runs those stupid ads....this is our country. gimme the over here as well.

SD (-5) over ne (o/u - 46.5)
i fear the wiliness of belichick a little bit here, but the chargers are phenomenal against the spread this season, no sense in not taking them. over over. there's going to be a lot of offense.

boise state (-20) over DET (o/u - 40)
seriously, were you that impressed with florida's win over the buckeyes? me neither, and i'm pretty damned sure that the lions couldn't beat ohio state, therefore, boise state gets the nod here.

as bono said, "for the reverend martin luther king....sing it!"

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