pop culture quick hits

i'm mulling over whether or not to return to blogging full time, and to be honest, it's not looking good kids, but here are a couple of things that i wanted to bring up.

1) newsweek gets its hand on the much maligned oj book and freaking publishes it! wasn't just a month ago that the world was just hammering judith regan and fox for exploiting the whole situation? i just think it is real hypocritical that no one is is accusing newsweek for exploiting the situation. someone tell me how judith regan publishing the book for money is different than newsweek publishing the chapter to sell magazines?

2) warren beatty got some kind of lifetime achievement award last night at the golden globes. is it just me or is warren beatty one of the great overrrated actors of all time. ok, reds was pretty good, but was heaven can wait really that good? um, no it wasn't. dick tracy? bulworth? bugsy? i mean those were ok, but nothing on the level of a really good movie. sure maybe he did some decent stuff in the 70s, but nothing on the level of an al pacino or a dustin hoffman or a jack nicholson. i don't know how they choose lifetime achievement awards, but i should be put in charge of the process.

3) so virtually every best of 2006 list has tv on the radio at or near the top. i've recently acquired the album and all i can say is that i feel officially out of touch with today's music scene. can anyone explain to me why they're so great?

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