some random football thoughts

1) lovie smith and tony dungy represent the first time black head coaches have faced each other in the super bowl. yes, this certainly qualifies as progress. good for the nfl in this area.

2) a quote from peyton manning after today's game
I don't get into monkeys and vindication. I don't play that card. I know how hard I worked this season, I know how hard I worked this week.
almost every other quarterback in the nfl says, "i know how hard WE worked this season." what a douchebag.

3) as much as i hate to admit it, peyton, like he was for much of the season, kicked complete ass in the second half. seriously, the patriots defense just couldn't keep up with him. it's ironic that he had a kinda down year statistically speaking, cuz this year is the best i've ever seen him play.

4) for the record, i thought that the bears and the pats would win.

5) vegas has penciled in indy as a 7 point favorite. i've gone back and forth on this one. on the one hand, rex grossman is still rex grossman, and peyton manning is peyton manning. very often these close games come down to the qb matchup and the bears are sorely outmanned at this position. but at the same time, the bears did shut down the league's best offense today, and they also were able to beat them despite the best quarterback in the league this year having a decent game. right now i'm leaning towards the bears, who i clearly want to win, but the only thing from making a definitive pick right now is the whole afc vs. nfc thing. the afc is really a superior conference in every way, so i'm not sure the bears have the horses to keep up. what i think it'll come down to is the colts defense. if they put together a decent game, then the colts should win. but like i said, i'm kinda torn right now with that many points. i'll make a pick later, but like i said, i'm leaning towards the bears.

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Erik said...

1) Yes.
2) Despite Peyton looking like a douchebag, acting like a douchebag, and sounding like a douchebag -- suddenly by having his defense pick off Brady in the closing seconds of a game the Colts barely won, now Manning is the toast of the football world. Peter King says that Peyton winning yesterday feels like "justice has been served." No, it doesn't. Justice being served would look like Peyton getting shown up by the players he always blames for his shortcomings -- Jeff Saturday, the Indy run defense, and his wide receivers. With the exception of Harrison (4 drops!), that's what happened yesterday. Peyton had a decent game, but it was the work of the Colts defense that really saved the day.

3) Peyton was good enough. Not great (except for that hurry-up drive at the end of the first half -- wow, that was great). And all this about him being the hardest working QB in the business is horse shit. Manning worked harder than Brady? Worked harder than Brees or McNair? Or Jon Kitna? Give me a break. Yes, Peyton works hard, especially since he's got to be on set for his 56 commercial appearances. But he isn't any harder-working than any other NFL quarterback. Plus he takes all the credit for wins and deflects all the blame for losses. DOUCHE. BAG.

4) I called Bears/Chargers in the Super Bowl at the start of the playoffs. After the Chargers implosion, I thought Bears/Pats, this week, too, Bob. So much for your football genius being greater than mine.

5) No way Indy wins by 7. I still think Bears win, but if Indy somehow pulls it out, it'll be by 3 or less. There's no way the Bears don't run the ball well against Indy, and there's no way the colts don't turn the ball over at least 2 or 3 times (rookie RB = fumble, pass-heavy offense = int or 2). Factor in Chicago's amazing (seriously outstanding) special teams play for short fields and a possible return TD, and I think the Bears win by 5. 34-28 Bears.