now we know why tony dungy wants to beat the bears so bad

it's because he may be a homophobe! he is apparently scheduled to be honored by an organization called the Indiana Family Institute. progressives probably have had their radar tripped as any group with a name like that is sure to be very anti-gay. lo and behold, they are. in any case, let's wildly speculate....young gay men are much more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the country...tony dungy's young son recently committed suicide...tony dungy hates gay people...i'm not saying that one thing caused the other, but i'm just saying...

anyways, of course, i have no kind of real evidence to say tony dungy's son killed himself because he was gay and his dad hated him for it. i'm sure that there are several other reasons why tony dungy is responsible for his son's death. either way, it is sad to see someone who we thought was a good person, take such a hateful stance by being part of an organization that actively seeks to oppress gay people.

what is kinda disturbing to me, is that this is getting no real play in the press. the only place i've seen this is on the alternative sports blogs, deadspin and with leather. seriously, isn't this a big story? here's a guy who everyone seems to acknowledge is a great guy, and he's taking a very controversial political stand here. why hasn't anyone asked him if his son was gay? ok, that was a non-sequiter, but seriously, why hasn't anyone asked him his stance on gay issues? i suspect that the NFL is putting the kibosh on all of this as not to detract from their premier event, but still, i'll join the alternative sports blogs by saying, if tony dungy is doing this, that makes him an a-hole.

for those of you who don't understand the very very bad pun in the title of this post, click here.

bonus NFL douchebaggery! the NFL just told a church who was going to have a fundraiser by having a super bowl party after the morning mass, that they can't! as i've mentioned before, the NFL aggressively protects its right to print money, and if that means that st. barts church in BFE, indiana can't repave their parking lot, well...someone has to pay for the lunch buffet at the owner's meetings.


Logan said...

its not getting play in the press because your average human has a little more self respect than to accuse an honorable man of driving his son to suicide you judgemental bigot

Calvin said...

i second what logan says. also he is so strongly opposed of homosexuality because of his faith. he is a strong christian and holds true to the beliefs of his religion. in christianity, homosexuality is a sin. so it isnt that he is scared of gays and lezbians it is that he is against homosexuality in general. so leave him the F*** alone. he is a good man. he is not th ecause of his sons death

Dave said...

What a trashy human being you truly are to surmise such things, when you have absolutely no fact. To disparage a man and his family at a time of such pain is inexcusable. You are the lowest of the low, irrespective of your sexual identity.