ragin' asian fun fact

guess who has a bigger head?

according to this, i do. in the latest edition of game of shadows, the book on barry bonds and the steroid era of baseball, the authors include an afterword that give us this:
the authors detail in their afterword the freakish growth of Bonds' body parts in his years with the Giants: from size 42 to a size 52 jersey; from size 10 1/2 to size 13 cleats; and from a size 7 1/8 to size 7 1/4 cap, even though he had taken to shaving his head.
my cap size? 7 1/2. like bonds, my head has actually grown since college, when i wore a 7 3/8. but unlike bonds, i haven't hit 700+ homers while injecting horse sperm into my bloodstream...that and i'm not a douchebag.

anyways, also keep in mind that barry is 6' 2", and i'm a full eight inches shorter. this post is not so much about barry and his obvious steroid use, as it is about my own freakishly big noggin. i always knew that my head was kinda big, but with this discovery, i'm bordering on circus freak. what the hell is wrong with me!?

i'm very troubled by the fact that my head is bigger than barry's. i think i probably need to go see a doctor about this. god, no wonder my knees hurt when i work out, it's all the extra stress of having to carry this pumpkin around all day.


Ian said...

I'm actually a little suspicious of Barry's reported weight. I'm 6'1" and fluctuating between 212 and 220. Just in eyeballing Bonds, who's 6'2" and listed at 228, he HAS to be heavier than his reported weight, because he's significantly larger than I am, particularly in his lower body.

Bob said...

i think that the stats refer to when he was just starting to do the heavy duty juicing (about 4 years ago). if you remember, it's only in the last few years when he got really really fat, and i'm sure that now he's closer to 245-250.

and if you mean he's significantly larger than you in a certain part of your lower body...come on ian, give yourself some credit. i'm sure the ladies have never complained. besides, how do you know how big barry's wang is?

Ian said...

I can't believe I left myself open for that one.

Erik said...

Let's start compiling a list of things smaller than Bob's head:

1) Barry Bonds' head
2) A breadbasket
3) Several breeds of dog