angelina and i are related now

in case you didn't hear, angelina continued here world wide kid shopping spree and adopted a vietnamese kid, which in my mind makes angelina my 3rd or 4th aunt. is it wrong to want to see your 3rd or 4th aunt naked? anyways, per the story:
Vietnamese press claim that that the boy is named Pham Quang Sang and will be renamed Pax Thien Jolie. Pax means "peace" in Latin and Thien is "sky" in Vietnamese.
now i don't know if the press is reporting the translation of the name, or if that is what vietnamese officials have told the press, or if angelina picked out the name, but i can tell you with some degree of accuracy, that "thien" does not translate into "sky". now granted my own vietnamese skills are rather poor, i recall the vietnamese equivalent of sky to be "trời". after conferring with my sainted mother, whose vietnamese skills are much better than mine or angelina's, she confirmed this. according to my mom, "thien" refers to spiritual sense of sky, as in heaven. it can also be used to mean god, as in the judeo christian god. but most people use trời in everyday conversation. furthermore, i believe that thien is a common name for dudes as i seem to recall some of my mom's friends being named this. and if my mom isn't a good enough authority for you, perhaps this website will be. anyways, i just wanted to set the record straight.

also, the renaming of the kid strikes me as curious. he's three years old and presumably has been answering to sang quang (remember, in east asia, the last name comes first), but apparently that wasn't good enough for vietnamese officials or angelina, so they had to give him a freakin lame name like pax. what was so wrong with the name that he already had? they may as well name the kid Whitey McIamnotvietnamese.

you know, i think that generally angelina gets a hard time for being a humanitarian. from what i can tell, she actually does take the time to go to places and see first hand for herself what is going on. and i guess that awareness is being raised. so i think that she doesn't get lauded enough for her efforts. however, not getting something as simple as the translation of the kid's name correct doesn't help the perception that she's just baby crazy like that deputy trudy weigel (fast forward to 1:46 to see what i'm talking about).

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